I WISH there was more time in the day!

I’m sure loads of people in the world wish that they could squeeze a lot more work into one day! 🙁

This is what I’m doing at this point in time:

  • Project Manager and Lead Designer for a startup social network.
  • Designer and Founder of Artrift Digital Art Community
  • Freelance Designer
  • Blogger
  • Game Designer

So I wake up in the morning, Update the Artrift Facebook Page on my phone then go to the office. Check mails, correspond with developers and design (blah blah blah), report bugs and in between update The Artrift FB Fanpage. Once the 8am to 6pm job is done, I return home, update Artrift FB page, continue with freelance work and if I don’t feel like a corpse after that get into blogging on or work on my game, Robolegs. So Robolegs and MyPixelbox consistently alternate after each other.

Anyone got a cloning machine? It would be appreciated if I could use it. 😉


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