Robolegs Mech Game

  • Robolegs Mech FPS

Project Overview

Robolegs is the first official “commercially” viable game I am making in my life. The Game is powered by NeoAxis and written in C#. My C# isn’t that great but I’m getting there.

Robolegs is a Mech FPS where you control a 40 foot mech and blast your way through beautiful landscapes and post apocolyptic cities. There’s still lots that needs to be done on the game, but its been a blast while working on it so far.

I designed the logo, drew up the character concept art. I created the 3D Hud, AI models and Landscape models. Sound effects were purchased online, in game menu and interface will be created by me.

The game is due for release on the 13-01-13. So anything seen in video footage is not close to finished.

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